Solidify your brand and draw in a crowd.

Be the best booth at the show.

Odds are there’s hundreds, or even thousands of booths at a tradeshow. One surefire way to stand out from the sea of nameless companies is to have a professionally made video up your sleeve.

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Stand Out

The human eye can only focus on so many things at once. At a crowded event like a tradeshow it’d be best to have a stand-out attraction like an animated video to pique their curiosity.

Effortlessly Explain

Realistically, you can’t divide your attention to explaining your pitch or concept to everyone that shows even the smallest bit of intrigue. Having a video that effectively explains your idea to any passerby may entice people to ask more about your product or service.

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Take a Peek at our Work

What sets Optious apart?


Our animators were born ready to take illustrations and add action. We also add a little bit of our secret sauce for that signature Optious flavor.


Pre-made or custom illustrations in whatever style suits your video best. Whenever we’re not animating, we are usually doodling.

Sound Design

We provide either the best hand-picked sound FX out there, or we’ll even record our own.


We always start a project off with a meeting, and you’ll always be kept in the know. No ghosting 👻.

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