Motion Graphics

Sonar- Unsung Heroes

  • Project Overview
The idea for this video was to produce a captivating video that will bring attention, Position Sonar as a market leader, and leverage brand elements. We knew that the main character was text, so we outlined a set of rules for the text to follow. We wanted the text to interact with the stock footage and move based on the wording.
Overall, we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas (some on the fly) and the fast paced nature of the video.

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Christine L.

“The team at OPTIOUS were so awesome to work with at every stage of our project. They provided a very clear proposal and scope of work, outlining everything we could expect throughout our engagement before we signed with them. They provided great creative direction and help us copyedit our script to make everything fit with the final form. They also never missed a deadline, turned all our edits around very quickly, and they were really responsive to all of our requests.

Beyond creating a fantastic and engaging PR video for our B2B SaaS business, OPTIOUS was extremely organized and professional did an awesome job of communicating around the time, effort, and budget requirements to stay within our deadlines. I’d absolutely work with them again and highly recommend their work for any business who needs engaging PR or brand content.”