We know good sound when we hear it.

Nothing quite brings out the power of an animation and footage quite like sound effects. We only use Industry Standard audio software and high quality, handcrafted sound effects. We know good sound when we hear it.

We are available to work on your project with our sound design services.

We do work for:

  • Motion Designers
  • 2D Animators
  • Cinematographers
  • Youtube Channels
  • Video Production Agencies

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The Sound Design Process

No video is complete without the perfect set of sound effects to compliment it. Our Sound Designer has handpicked a collection of over 50+ Gigs of sounds to use on your project.

My Sound Design Process typically starts with:

  1. Watching the video (or animatic) multiple times through while imagining what sounds could accentuate each and any action.
  2. Then writing a list of what noises to track down, if we don’t have it we either got to acquire it or record foley.
  3. Carefully aligning each sound to the exact frame it happens.
  4. Then panning the sound to whichever side of the frame the action comes from.
  5. Matching the volume levels to the music track, and along with the other sounds.
  6. Watch video through the end to look for out of place or distracting sound effects.

Repeat Step 6 until final OK is given.

*  You can expand the videos if you’d like

Hear some of our homebrew tracks!

We’re no Tame Impala, but every track we produce leads to better and better results. We work with the goal of making tracks for you in the near future.

“See” It For Yourself

As All Things Should Be

DO YOU EVER PLAY A VIDEO and find that the volume fluctuATES BACK and forth?  Nobody likes having to constantly adjust the volume knob, making them more likely to just click off the video. Not here at Optious. We like to make sure our volume levels are up to ITU 1770 standards.

What about those videos where you can barely make out the message because the background track is just too loud? We keep that in mind too. Or we can even lower the music and SFX down so the voiceover is the focal point.

And Without the Training

If you choose to provide us with a voiceover, we’ll do our best to bring it up with our signature Optious polish. Whether it’s background noise removal or just raising up the mid-frequencies. We use Fabfilter Pro Q3 to snuff out any unwanted tones and Adobe Audition for the rest.

A Very Particular Set of Skills

Here at Optious, we don’t just go on AudioJungle to type in “Corporate Music” and call it a day. We either choose from our vast collection of favorites, or we take a little bit of time to search for the right music for your video. We go through hundreds of songs taking note of genre, tempo, mood, and length. Meanwhile we’re also imagining how the animations will play out alongside said music.

Each track is licensed to your project so you won’t have to worry about any legal troubles. Unless you’re making a TV commercial, that would cost a little extra.

Cut to size

Not every video is going to be the same length and we get that. Unfortunately, we aren’t producing the music tracks for your video (just yet). But when we handpick a selection of background tracks for you to choose from, you can rest easy knowing we go the extra mile. Some of our past clients have requested the music to fade at the end, or for certain parts of the song to play at specific points of interest. Or even change up the song midway through the video!

Easier said than done though as music is more mathematical, rhythmically speaking. We use industry standard software such as Audition and Premiere Pro to make all these adjustments. And if that doesn’t quite fit, we do it manually. While making sure there’s a seamless transition from one part of the song to the other.

You can test it out yourself! Can you identify the music cut in the video below? Answer is in the next tab.

Answer is ~30 seconds.

Software Used

  • Ableton
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Davinci Resolve

Plugins Used

  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
  • Native Instruments Komplete 13
  • Fabfilter Pro Q3
  • Xfer Serum