Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

Optious is like the Swiss-army-knife for animated videos. We specialize in creating 2D or 3D animated videos along with motion graphics. We also offer secondary services all the way from Ideation and scriptwriting to voiceover and illustration.

We’ve produced animated videos for the likes of household names like Google and Microsoft. And other industries such as Roche and Takeda.

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An explainer video is a video (usually 2D animated) that explains your company’s product or service in a quick and engaging way.

Chances are you aren’t the only competitor in your industry. In order to stand out you need a high-quality explainer video that will drive eyes to your company.

We don’t take on too many projects on and we’re very selective with who we choose to work with. Allowing us to devote the necessary time to each project and when we talk about your project, we know exactly what is going on.


You can see a page going over our process here.

It depends. We’ve had videos that took over several weeks to produce and we even had one made overnight! (Never again)

There is no set-in-stone estimate for videos like this due to a variety of factors. It mostly comes down to factors like video length, complexity, and urgency. You can get an accurate range by hopping onto a quick zoom call with us!

We’ve found the sweet spot to be somewhere around 30 seconds to a minute in length.  Too short and your viewer may not have enough time to fully soak in the information. Too long and the viewer may grow tired, even with the flashiest of animations.

We usually source our music from a variety of high-quality stock music sites. These tracks are fully licensed for online and commercial use.

From script to 1st draft we don’t move forward until we have your permission. So, you’re 100% confident on every step of the process.


You own full copyright over the video so you can post it wherever you will.

We usually don’ give clients our files , but we can provide them for an additional fee.

Click this link, so we can have a quick chat on Zoom about your project needs.

Each client usually gets about 2 rounds of revisions, of which we carry out after some quick back and forth.


What Other Tricks Do We Know?

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