LMS, Motion Graphics

e-Learning Trains Your Employees Easily for Less

You might've heard some terms being thrown around recently. E-learning. LMS. SCORM. What does any of this mean? Don't worry, we're here to help. e-Learning? This one's actually simple. You know about the mail. And you definitely use e-mail. And that's what e-learning is, learning on the internet. Whether that be through webinars, training courses,...
2D Animation, Motion Graphics

How Animation Helps Your Logo Stand Out

Here's the thing: Your logo looks good enough standing still. But with the help of animation, your logo will leave an even bigger impression on your viewers and give it a higher level of professionalism. Animated Logo Benefits Animated Logos when used right can: Raise Brand Awareness Separate You from the Competition And add consistency...
2D Animation, 3D

Can 3D Make a 2D Video Better?

You're a business owner.  You want a video for your business to draw customers in.  But should it be animated or live action  Which one would motivate viewers to choose you?  Every business owner has asked themselves these questions at least once. After all, it's been proven that video helps drive business more than any...

Filming Upcoming Video

Here at Optious we are busy filming our new project for marketing our services. We are doing interviewing, tons of b-roll, and some cinematic scenes. From planning to staging and everything in between, we are checking all the boxes to get the work done. This also allows us to be FREE creatively with our projects...
2D Animation

Creating 2D Animated Looping GIFs

We just finished developing our new 2D animation explainer page. We decided to add custom made 2D animations for highlighting the benefits of working with us. Our goal was to take the design from video to an animated GIF that has a smaller file size. Which makes it easier for the page to load on...
2D Animation

Character Design for Animation

 Character design can be used in a plethora of  industries such as branding, business marketing or game development. This quote below is a  great example of how the creation of a single duck was a game changer for the insurance marketing industry. "Within three years of the first ad, our sales in the US doubled...