Our Process

See for yourself the steps involved in baking a fresh animated video.

storyboard of a 2D animation

01 First Date

We sit down to listen to your wants, needs, and dreams. We’ll play 20 questions as we get to know your brand as well as you. We’ll have a laugh and talk a lot about our dogs. After that’s over we’ll create a plan suitable to your scope, timeline, and budget. Once you accept our proposal, that’s when things really get spicy.

02 The Creative Process

This is where the magic happens. With the might of the whiteboard and the power of our minds, we weave together stories and visuals for your video. We look under every rock for references and new possibilities. Often reiterating on the same idea over and over and over…until it’s gold.

03 It’s Webster Time

AI hasn’t completely taken over scriptwriting yet, so we make use of our primitive flesh brains to make your script flawless. If you have a script already, we can look at it and determine if any adjustments are needed to fit the scope of your video. Once our keyboard lackeys are done, you’ll be able to glance at our rough draft and say “yay” or “nay”.

04 Boards of Stories

We’re not done with the markers just yet. We begin to layout the frames of your video, along with little, tiny stickmen (if there’s characters) in each square. We’ll fight and argue over whose boxes are better, then we hug it out and combine the best parts of everyone’s approach. No good ideas will ever be left behind.

05 Mic Check

Searching for that perfect voice for your video? We dive into our talent pool, be it a Morgan Freeman soundalike, an average Joe, or a kid’s reading, and find the one to make your video sing. We listen to every decibel, fine-tuning until it’s telling your story just right.

06 Design is Our Passion

We have over 20 years of design expertise here at Optious (humble brag). The style frames we create are 1 to 1 with the finished video. Whether it’s 2D, 3D, or hand drawn; you can rest easy knowing it’ll be the best-looking video at the award show.

07 Face the Music

Music has the power of creating longer lasting memories than visuals alone. I could simply type “Star Wars theme” and there’s a 99% chance it will instantly play in your head. Even if you’ve haven’t seen a Star Wars movie in decades. Song choice in your video matters, as it dictates not only mood but speed and energy of the visuals as well. Which is why we go through hundreds of background tracks to find the best song.

08 Do the Hustle

This is the longest part of the process, no “30 minutes or your video is free” guarantees here. We take everything we have and sandwich it in between smooth and engaging animations. Our animation nerds spend hundreds of hours honing their After Effects skills.

09 What’s That Noise?

Sound design is an often slept on part of the video creation process. Play your video on mute and you may find it seems lifeless and boring. The audio and visuals combine to make an enjoyable experience whether you watch it for the first time or the 1,000th.

10 Quality Assured

Let’s say we finished the final draft after all revisions are done. Most would let their guard down, but not Optious. We have a lengthy checklist to ensure there are no glitches, typos, or animation errors slipping by. Like a hawk watching its next meal, we’ll “take care of” any errors that rear its ugly head.

And that’s all folks!

Now all you gotta do is enjoy your finished video and leave a positive review as many others have before!

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