Our Process

See for yourself the steps involved in baking a fresh animated video.

The Planning


01 Briefing


Grab a coffee and let’s chat a bit about your project. We want to get to know you, your needs, goals, and ideas. We will help guide you to the best direction your story needs to take to achieve your goals.

02 Script


Everything starts with asking questions about what you do, why you do it, and why others should care.  These words will become the platform in which we will build upon your visual story.

03 Concept Storyboard


We start by putting pen to paper and begin sketching ideas for the start to the end of your animation video. This will give you a great visual reference on how you story will take shape.

The Details


04 Styleframes


You can think of the style frames as the snapshots of the final video. You will see the illustration style, color palette and our awesome creativity at work. Yes, you can even frame this on your wall.


05 Voiceover


The way your story is told is just as crucial as the visual elements of your video. You need a voiceover talent that can fit your video’s style whether it is fun, serious, comforting, or even gritty. Finding the right voice for your project is what we do best.


The Final Countdown


06 Animatic


Now that we have all the pieces for your video it is time to put them together.  The video at this stage will be akin to a flip book. The video will follow the direction of the storyboard, the styleframes, Voiceover, background music, with light sound effects to produce a model of what you can expect the video to look like.


07 Animation


Now it is time to put the jaw dropping stuff here. We begin by putting the motions down for your video, making sure the timing and movement is perfect. You can rest easy knowing we have done this before with a lot of success. Just make sure to pick your jaw up on the way out.

08 Sound Design


The Ace up our sleeves, the cherry on top of animation – Sound design. With our handpicked library of thousands of sound effects, we begin to put the finishing touches on your animation. Animation just wouldn’t be the same without it.

09 Final Video


Woohoo! The video is done and ready to present to the world!

Sounds Good?


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