About Us

Propelled by over 20 years of motion, we're an award-winning team of creatives who believe in producing great videos!

Meet The Team

Take a look at some of the faces behind your next project.

Robert C.

Creative Director

The head honcho here at Optious. Calling all the shots from project decisions to which ping pong side to play on. Constantly experimenting with new technologies and ways of thinking. He lifts up the entire team, both metaphorically… and literally.


Tristen C.

Project coordinator & Animator

The lead animator and project coordinator: he’s usually the guy sending you updates on your project and keeping in touch long after it’s over. He’s also responsible for the slick animations in most of our videos. He’s the pro ping pong player and resident fighting game expert.


Kalell C.

Sound Designer & Animator

The sound designer and supporting animator: he’s the dude making sure your videos have killer sound effects and the right background music. He’s also in charge of brand awareness on social media as well as joining in the animation fight. He also likes cats.


Maki C.

Head of HR

Koko C.

HR Intern

Our Story

Our extensive experience in marketing, social media, attention stealing and video strategy has been honed through collaborations with Google, HP, Microsoft, and Roche.
A client once introduced us to a marketing team member: “This is the Optious team. They can do anything!”
Your ideas will be handled by the same experts all the way from concept to animation. Since 99.9999% of all work is done in-house, we can achieve the fastest turnaround times in our industry.

Oh! By the way, Optious has received industry recognition and awards for our 2D animation and motion graphics expertise.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, on-time, long-term relationship that generates eyes, clicks, leads, and peace of mind, then hit us up!

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