Motion Graphics

CLEANMOOD Motion Graphics

  • Project Overview

We took care of everything from storyboarding and animating to finding stock footage and Voiceover Talent. Our client gave us ideas for what they wanted the most and we funneled that into our Creativity-O-Matic in the way that we know best. And with these in mind, we proceeded to craft the visuals in both 2D and 3D.

For this project we used a lot of kinetic typography, which means a lot of layers. Especially in the sound effects department, the sounds were EQ’d carefully as to not cut through the mix.

When it comes to creating videos for first time clients, we try our best to carefully guide them through the process. We have extensive experience working with new brands to help spring forward a new identity for products and services. This helps them to grow a market share more quickly. From startups to enterprise level companies, we work with them all.