Motion Graphics

Your Perfect Dose Motion Graphics

  • Project Overview

For this app UI, we were given a Vector Layout Ai file. We would then take this vector file and imported them into after effects. We had two main goals for the animation: 1) For the animation to represent how a person would use it. And 2) For it too look aesthetically pleasing in both the video and the app. So with those goals, we started to animate every piece, from masking to keyframes, each section has its own unique details. After we showed the client, they said it was exactly what they wanted.

And for the watch we sculpted and animated the watch in Cinema 4D. And then we composited the animation in After effects with the other motion graphic elements. We believe we were able to mix 3D elements and 2D elements together in the same video, and it shows. And we’re sure to use this style later down the line for projects to come.

Check out the full video here.