Motion Graphics

Earn Your Seal – Candid

  • Project Overview

Project Goals:

This is the seventh video we produced for Candid, and this time they wanted to refresh an older video we previously did. One of the key points they wanted to focus on was: 1. Making sure the video didn’t contain any elements that would immediately date it. 2. Motivate people to reapply for the latest seals of the year.

Creative Challenges:

We had to find a way to balance the background music with the VO to make sure the visuals were on time. Creating a visual style that fits both the motion, and Candid’s brand. We also provided two unique storyboards and scripts for Candid to choose from.

Final Result:

We sent the finished video for final approval and Candid said they loved it. There were some uncertainties on this project related to the creative challenges, but it all came through and we’re really happy with the final result. Overall, a fun project and we hope to continue to do more with candid.