We may have plenty of multi-talented individuals here at Optious. But even then, there are some parts of the process we can’t fulfill ourselves! If you think you have what it takes, look over some of these positions below and see which one fits you best.

Animation & Illustration

Can you animate a ball squashing and stretching? Did you never pay attention in class because you were too busy drawing? Send us your demo reel or illustration portfolio today!


We not so good with words. If your definition of fun is writing blog posts about superfoods or whatever, why not write for us? Send us your scripts today!


We’ve been speaking for most of our lives, but here at Optious we don’t voice our own videos. We leave that to the professionals. Send us some of your examples including different vocal styles.

Anything Else?

Send us a quick explanation of why you think you’re better than us and what you can contribute to Optious.

Do you have what it takes?