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See How We Kick Some SaaS!

So you want to have a video about the features of your software, but it comes out bland. Bland, like the video version of oatmeal. Oatmeal is fine, but no-one is itching to eat more without some cinnamon or maybe even some banana slices. SaaS videos can to, be underwhelming and marketers are always looking for ways to promote them in a more SaaSy way.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise level company, the need is pretty much the same; You want a video that highlights the reasons why someone should care enough to give YOU attention. And that goes for most things in life, not just SaaS. Now, how do we do this together? Why should I continue reading? Great questions, right? These questions and so many more pour out when approaching the topic of video production. So it’s about time you get some answers.

Optious Time

As experts we believe in guiding, not pushing. Generating ideas that will actually produce tangible results. Your project is a 1 of 1, a unique piece that will be solely created and curated based on your brand.  We’ll walk you through the myriad of directions the video can take based on it’s intended purpose. Of course, the video can also be multi-purposed and it can absolutely fit that direction.

Is your SaaS product already live or is it in production? Do you have any Figma files on hand or do the visuals need to be done from scratch to fully convey the idea? Whatever the case may be, Optious has all the resources and talent to fulfill your needs. We’re called the SaaS Kings for a reason (unofficially).

Swiss-army video

Will your video be used for generating interest from investors? Or will it simply reside on your homepage? Or just maybe all of the above is the scope of needs. Hold that thought for a sec, because having a good SaaS video can cover a variety of use cases. From explaining how the software works to securing funding from investors.

We think our video Blue Inception does a good job at being both informative as well as visually engaging. As so did Microsoft, as this was the video that landed us the job (that we still can’t show, sorry).


Now you should have a better understanding of how exactly your SaaS software can be better explained with the use of animation. This can not only help with B2B but also B2C as well. All while looking slick and professional in the process.

If you would like a SaaS video done for your company, feel free to hit us up!

Thanks for reading our article! Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to send it to someone who might be interested.

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