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PowerPoint is Dead.

Ugh. Another Power Point . Chances are, you have had that exact same thought any time a presenter gets out a clicker and the first slide pops up. And you’re not alone. We all know how much of a timewaster a PowerPoint is. Even the world’s top entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey and Mark Cuban...
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Check Out our Hodinkee Videos

We're privileged to have worked with various clients over the years, from small startups to brands you know. One of these such clients being Hodinkee. The first time Hodinkee came to us, it was for a timeline animation of the Daytona line of watches. The job went without a hitch, the video in question can...
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e-Learning Trains Your Employees Easily for Less

You might've heard some terms being thrown around recently. E-learning. LMS. SCORM. What does any of this mean? Don't worry, we're here to help. e-Learning? This one's actually simple. You know about the mail. And you definitely use e-mail. And that's what e-learning is, learning on the internet. Whether that be through webinars, training courses,...
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How Animation Helps Your Logo Stand Out

Here's the thing: Your logo looks good enough standing still. But with the help of animation, your logo will leave an even bigger impression on your viewers and give it a higher level of professionalism. Animated Logo Benefits Animated Logos when used right can: Raise Brand Awareness Separate You from the Competition And add consistency...