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Unlocking The Future of Motion Design, Optious wins its 3rd Muse Award!

This Just In – Optious has landed the coveted gold award at the 2024 Muse Creative Awards. This award, falling within the Video – Motion Graphics category, boasts the agency’s prowess in crafting captivating visual narratives that deeply resonate with viewers. This award was bestowed upon a talented trio from the Optious team: RobertTristen, and Kalell. Our latest accolade adds to the agency’s growing collection of honors, underlining its position as a spearhead in the field of animated explainer video production. This was our first time receiving an award for a self-marketing project.

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to show our work to the world and to continue doing what we do best: make dope videos.

Thanks for reading our article!

Optious is proud to be distinguished as an award-winning animation agency.

Thank you for this incredible journey so far, as we eagerly await what the future lies in store for us.

About Optious:

We craft brand stories with visuals that engage and inform your audience through video. Transforming the boring into engaging, that’s what we do! We provide an experience focused on quality that needs minimal revisions with maximum effectiveness. Optious knows how to get you more eyes and clicks.

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