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10 Best Motion Graphics Agencies and Studios 2024

10 Best Motion Graphics Agencies 2024

Looking for an animated Motion Graphics video for your company? With so many animation studios and agencies out there, finding the right fit can be overwhelming. But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s best animation and motion graphics agencies to make your search easier. (You’re welcome) 😎

#1. Rocketpanda

Rocketpanda is a dynamic motion graphics and animation studio known for its high-energy and unique approach to storytelling. They’ve collaborated with well-known brands like Corona, Discord, eBay, and Adobe. Their playful style and commitment to high-quality, innovative storytelling make them stand out in the industry.

And their Discord Safety Teen Charter video is an excellent example of this, with the way it blends colorful cel animation with complex 3D environments.

#2. Optious

Optious is an award-winning, full-service agency based in Sunny, California. Their bread and butter are SaaS explainer videos, but they can do it all. They’ve collaborated with companies of every size, from brand-new startups to household names like Google and Microsoft. One of our favorite projects would have to be Candid’s Who We Are video. The way it combines motion graphics with mixed-media cutouts.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, on-time, long-term relationship that generates eyes, clicks, leads, and peace of mind, hit us up!

#3. Explainly

Explainly is a San Francisco-based animation company specializing in 2D and 3D animated explainer videos. Their team’s passion for visual storytelling and motion graphics has brought in major clients like Uber, Visa, and Hubspot.

Their collaborative approach ensures that your video is truly one of a kind, as seen in their Uber Direct Video.

#4. Moodive

Moodive is an animation studio that makes stylish, engaging animated videos that help businesses grow.

They produce various animated content, including explainer videos, video ads, educational videos, and 3D animations. They’ve partnered with clients such as Amazon, Kia, and Deloitte.

We like the video they did for Kadmos – The illustration style meshes perfectly with the playful transitions and character animations.

#5. Levitate Media

Levitate Media is a live and animated video production company working with companies of all sizes. They’ve worked with Johnson & Johnson, Vogue, and Cisco. They provide more than just motion graphics – on their services page, you’ll find a litany of skills, from live-action film to 3D animation and even mixed media.

Their Zingx video has a nice mix of kinetic type, motion graphics, and 3D animation.

#6. Clim Studio

Clim Studio is an animation and mixed media studio that helps clients spread their message through colorful design and animation. Just a few of their standout clients include the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Meta.

Our favorite video is their Orajel video, combining stunning 3D visuals with masterful sound design that perfectly encapsulates the video’s mood. They even got English actor David Morrisey for the voiceover. Superb work all around.

#7. Digital Brew

Digital Brew is an Emmy award-winning explainer video production company based in Florida. A small team of talented animators is more worried about the results your video gets than the number of awards it wins. They’ve made numerous videos for companies like 3M, Cisco, and HubSpot.

Their video for Seal Methods Inc does a fantastic job of incorporating 3D visuals in an abstract explainer video style.

#8. Buff Motion

Buff Motion is a motion and design studio based in the UK that does it all. They’ll guide clients throughout the video-making journey to ensure they create something unique together.

The brand video they did for Fresco highlights their fantastic kinetic typography skills. They even rotoscoped the pasta!

#9. Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo is a video production company that has been helping companies find their voice for over a decade. They combine creativity and strategy, removing the beret and putting on the nerd glasses. They’ve done creative videos for companies like Salesforce, Slack, and Square.

The video they made for OpenSea showcases their mastery of 3D animation and their ability to distill complex topics into easy-to-understand visuals.

#10. Demo Duck

Demo Duck has been cooking up videos since 2011 (out of a literal kitchen, no joke). Their specialty is making videos that do the work of spreading your message for you. Our favorite video of theirs is the one they made for Surge. Every frame flows seamlessly from one to the next using creative transitions.

It’s a good thing they didn’t settle on the company name “Demo Donkey.

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