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Best Motion Graphics Agencies and Studios 2023

Best Motion Graphics Agencies 2023

You know you want an animated Motion Graphics video for your company, but there’s a plethora of animation studios and agencies out there. It can be a daunting task to find a credible studio, much less one that fits your needs.

Luckily our team of advanced scientists here at Optious know exactly what it takes to make everyone’s lives easier. No, not like curing cancer or anything like that. We’ve got budgets and deadlines too, you know. What I’m referring to is this wonderful article that generously lists out all the best animation and motion graphics agencies there are in the world.

So let’s get into it!

#1. Buck

Buck is a shining example of both excellent motion graphics and animation, producing videos since 2004. We’ve always looked up to their work as a golden standard for what we should strive to achieve. With a wide range of recognizable brands in their portfolio, and remote teams all around the world; it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with Buck.

#2. Optious

We truly believe we’re capable of sitting at the table with the big boys. With our wide selection of videos and styles for each and every client that walked away happy, it’s no wonder why we have so many great testimonials even from companies like Microsoft and Google.

Whatever you need, we got the chops to get it done. As well as being one of the more budget friendly options on this list. (Did I forget to mention that we’re also just some cool dudes?)

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#3. Oddfellows

Oddfellows lives up to it’s name by creating highly-creative and unique videos for their clients. They specialize in making videos revolving around feeling.

Whether it’s for Google or Apple, rest assured they’ll never give you the same thing twice.

#4. Ordinary Folk

The exact opposite of Oddfellows, namewise that is, Ordinary Folk specializes in making videos that WOW. You can see for yourself in any one of their beautiful projects. Founded by the talented animator Jorge R. Canedo, Ordinary Folk is anything but ordinary.

#5. Giant Ant

Giant Ant videos can be any type of style- 2D or 3D, serious or playful. But the one thing they have in common is that they are all creative and meaningful. Their MailChimp with Facebook Ads video is an excellent example of being not just fun and engaging but also informative and memorable.

#6. Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo is a full-cycle agency that’s worked with a wide variety of companies, from the likes of Google and Linkedin, to Discord and Twitter. And not just the big players as they’ve also been working with startups too for well over a decade.

#7. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a crew of creative individuals who have been honing their craft since 2011.  They’ve worked with a variety of companies like Netflix, Dropbox, and even NASA. They really do got all their ducks in a row.

#8. Vucko

Vucko is more focused on branding and motion design systems but their work is still a standout example of the level of quality that Spotify, Google, and Netflix rely on.

They’ve even created a system to automatically generate demo reels catering to each clients needs.

#9. Dinos & Teacups

Dinos & Teacups is a one man-show (or woman in this case) creating a plethora of high quality videos for clients. Videos with signature elements like colorful stylization and character animation. The videos speak for themselves.

#10. Device

Device is a global animation studio that provides everything from 3D and 2D to cel animation and even pixel art. Their creativity extends to even their website; with playful transitions and a about us page with unique animations for each employee on the team.

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