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How a 15 Second Ad Is Made

The UI and product features have been the main highlights when producing SAAS explainer videos for Candid. We jumped into a meeting with the marketing director and went over the brief, ideas, and pain points they were having.
For Candid’s next video, they said they wanted a “punchy and attention-grabbing ad” to increase traffic clicks to their site.

Their initial idea was to use text timed with music based on a past video they made. Yet, Candid wasn’t sure how to develop a direction with that video style into an eye-catching ad. We then offered them our video branding service. It provided Candid with more creativity generation and possible storyline directions we can take to produce their final video. The other challenge was that the video needed to incorporate some main ideas within fifteen seconds.
The video branding service allowed us to invest a lot of time in the planning stage to develop and hone in on the best idea. We began developing concepts for the ad utilizing their brand elements. After countless deliberation, mood boards, and idea mockups, the direction of the video was starting to take shape.
Next, we worked on creating exploration frames, leveraging Candid’s pre-existing brand elements. We then created two storyboards with varying concepts for them to review and select one. Surprisingly they took the best parts from both and combined them into a third storyboard. 
Once we had the approval for the third storyboard, we got to work on animating, tracking down brand-based stock footage, the music track to help with the video’s pace, and just the right balance of motion text and graphics. 

The result is a more commercial quality video unique to Candid’s brand and message. Plus, the whole company feels this is a shift in the right direction with the type of project we made for them. 
We couldn’t be any happier with the result.

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