2D Animation

Creating 2D Animated Looping GIFs

We just finished developing our new 2D animation explainer page. We decided to add custom made 2D animations for highlighting the benefits of working with us. Our goal was to take the design from video to an animated GIF that has a smaller file size. Which makes it easier for the page to load on mobile devices.

When creating content with a purpose, the most important step is generating ideas. and we can do this with the aid of mind mapping.

Professionals designers all the way to script writers rely on mind mapping to gather thoughts and generate ideas. We put this into practice to help the process to go faster and still retain a high level of ideas that can be used for moving to the next step of creating.

We now sketch out the look from the ideas we generated. It still a rough concept, but we have the main elements in place to now refine the look.

We now bring the sketch into Illustrator to incorporate it’s basic shapes to the design. Changes such as perspective or look can be considered for optimizing the time it will take to animate.

Our lead animator once again takes the assets into After Effects, and works his magic.

And once the animation is finished, we export it out from video into GIF and we’re done!

If you would like a animated GIF created for you please reach out to us by phone or clicking the button below!

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