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Character Design for Animation

 Character design can be used in a plethora of  industries such as branding, business marketing or game development. This quote below is a  great example of how the creation of a single duck was a game changer for the insurance marketing industry.

“Within three years of the first ad, our sales in the US doubled and our name recognition went
from under 10% to around 90%…” -Aflac CEO Dan Amos

For demonstration purposes, today I’ll be using a design from this batch of characters I made.

Characters designed to be used in animations for the hundredhealings brand

Here’s my rough sketch for the character I dub, “Muscle Guy”. While also making any needed changes or additions along the way.

Then I bring the character into Adobe illustrator, following the sketch closely.

And then I finally make a turnaround sheet to be of use for the animator.

And just like that, a new character is made and ready to be animated!

If you would like a character or an animation to be done for your business, please click on the button below.

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