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Apple’s Secret Weapon- Kinetic Typography

We’re in 2027, and Apple has just revealed the brand-new iPhone 18. With this new model, VR capability, a brainwave reader, and whatever other cutting-edge technology they’ve crammed into the 3,000-dollar device. Yes, a couple of nerds will be going up on stage to talk about these new technological advances, but not everybody will be tuning in to this reveal event live. And Apple knows this. They must upload a video to their YouTube channel that tells the world that the new iPhone is here.

Unsurprisingly, after every press event, they release a recap of everything announced alongside their best weapon: kinetic typography!

What is kinetic typography?

There are many terms to describe these moving text animations, but the technical term is kinetic typography. Hence the words: kinetic, relating to motion. And typography, for text. This form of animation may have appeared as early as 1899 in the advertising work of George Melies. Which was then carried over to opening title sequences for movies, such as in Alfred Hitchcock’s film North by Northwest.

Why use it?

Let’s face it; a lot of people these days don’t like to read. Which doesn’t apply to you since you’re reading this, of course. Which is why by combining text and motion, you can convey an idea to the viewers when there’s only so much text you can fit on-screen.

Using Apple as an example again, they use the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation Method. Which basically means they flash a series of words in the same place, cutting down on eye movement and boosting reading speed. Which is why you could mute this video below and still perfectly understand everything being shown off here.

When to use it?

It’s not just for saving screen real estate. Put simply, kinetic type done right is just plain cool. With each animation being unique and engaging, allowing the information to be more easily memorable.
Kinetic text isn’t just for animation; it can be used in everything from commercials to the front page of your website. Especially after advertisers have realized that dynamic text is much more captivating than static text.

Why Optious?

If our kinetic typography video we did for Google doesn’t convince you, then we honestly don’t know what will. Maybe aside from the fact that our type animations are slick and creative. Alongside having the quickest turnaround times in the field. And what if your company probably doesn’t have as big of a marketing budget as Apple? Well thanks to the fact that it’s mostly type based, there are more affordable options available.


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Thanks for reading our article! Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to send it to someone who might be interested.

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