3D Shape Evolution

What started as a small motion graphics proof of concept eventually blossomed into a visual showcase.

Originally the idea was to produce a simple animation with an effect called roughen edges. After taking a step back (which really helps every once in a while) we wanted to see what we can do creatively to advance the piece. What if you could seamlessly transition stylized motion graphics into 2.D simulating 3D shapes?

Off we went:

But at the end of the day, the 2.5D was not 3D. So, we thought what if we took the piece one step further? By using Cinema4D in conjunction with Redshift, we were able to re-visualize the animation into 3D.

The WIP (Work in Progress):

If the visuals were being upgraded, the audio needs to be too, right? A different method to sound design was chosen, adding different textures for each object while also balancing everything together.

Here’s the final piece:

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P.S. Here’s a little joke version we made, take a look, or a laugh.

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