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What We’ve Been Doing For The Past 12 Months

Year over year Optious strives to outdo their earlier work, and the last 12 months were no exception. Everything from Motion Graphics to 2D & 3D Animation. It’s almost cliché to say that we pulled out all the stops in (current year) demo reel at this point. So instead, we say, enjoy.

Wow that was a great video, wasn’t it? We took just a few of our standout moments to compile into a stylish sizzle reel. It wasn’t just slapped together. We took the upmost care and detail even when choosing the background music! And when the stock sound effects in our library didn’t cut it, we busted out our sneakers and started recording some Foley (Watch till the end…)

The Story So Far

In the past 12 months alone we’ve countless experiments, projects, and social media posts. Last year we worked with Microsoft. This year we’ve had the pleasure of working with UTA and Google. But we can’t just call it and say, “we’re done here.” Oh no, we are just getting started. The Emmys not in the mail yet, so let us break down a few of our standout moments.


We knew we wanted to create a professional grade animation for a SaaS App with UI, but we don’t have the chops for high-quality illustration yet. So, we partnered up with Pasquale Garibaldi to create an amazing video together. More info about it in an article coming out soon!

If the visuals were being upgraded, the audio needs to be too, right? A different method to sound design was chosen, adding different textures for each object while also balancing everything together.

Here’s the final piece:

I’m Feeling Lucky

When working alongside UTA and Google, there were a number of first-time requests. We did our own version of the storyboard provided so we could remove some parts that wouldn’t fit and add some secondary stock footage. As well as show our ideas for possible text animations.

For the music UTA wanted us to rearrange some of sections in the song, as well has having the end of the song play at a specific timecode. This wasn’t something we could nail on the first try, to end the song early would mean to change its melodic structure. When we came up with a few initial versions of the mix, the results weren’t very pretty. But solutions can come from anywhere, and it just so happened that one of our animation staff had an idea to try. So, we managed to do it in a way that both pleases the client and isn’t distracting to the viewer.

We’re Famous!

Although we haven’t actually been nominated for an Emmy…Yet… We have had the pleasure of recognizing our video on another companies’ website as an example of a good SaaS video. It was unbelievably awesome for the entire team to see. We love seeing people react to our work and we read all the comments we receive, even on LinkedIn Articles about Motion Graphics Demo Reels (wink).

Make some noise!

Our audio department has been creating various compositions for both use in our own projects and possibly for our clients in the future! We’re not as sufficient in music as we are in animation, but we’re getting there.

As we create more and more competent pieces, we need to level up our audio game. Just recently we acquired two new weapons in our arsenal. 1. Native Instruments Komplete for a more diverse set of professional quality instruments and plugins. 2. Yes, we even got an electronic drum kit for when drum pads just aren’t cutting it. So be sure to look forward to new musical releases as well!

We’re a little SaSSier!

Although we’re (unofficially) known as the SaaS kings in the past, we’ve have now done more SaaS projects than ever before. Candid has recently chosen Optious has their dedicated motion graphics partner in the year 2022.

The Trains Coming Right at Us!

And it’s not just improving our sound design, our 3D has really been leveling up as well. This can especially be seen in our latest Demo Reel. All done in Cinema 4D with the Redshift Renderer. It seems like the more experience we get with 3D animation, the more places we realize where it can fit. And this’ll be useful as we work with clients that expect a higher quality.

We mostly just wanted to show off the 3D Astronaut.

We’re also dabbling a little bit in X-particles to level up our 3D animations even further!

What’s In Store?

We’re not sure what could top working with Google and Microsoft in the same year, or at least until NASA calls us back. Regardless we’ll keep on improving for that next big project tomorrow. Maybe even yours?

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