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Is 2D Animation and Motion Graphics the same?

In a way yes and no. Animation can cover such a broad spectrum that different types of animation can be mislabeled. Let us go over these types of animation, and what sets them apart.

What is Animation?

Did you know the word animation which was first coined in or around 1908? Today animation is used in all sorts of forms, from advertising, video games, to Saturday morning cartoons we all grew up watching.

Animation may also be 2d or 3d, digital, hand-drawn, or even stop-motion.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is generally considered a subset of animation, combining graphic design with motion, hence the name. Motion graphics or “MoGraph” can be used by itself or alongside live video.

Although motion graphics sounds new, it actually has been around since the mid 1800’s.

Generally, Motion graphics is animation done with but not limited to text, video, and images. For example, a Cartoon would not be motion graphics.

The difference between 2D Animation and Motion Graphics?

When people talk about 2D animation they are usually referring to either Digital or Traditional. 2D animation nowadays is usually done in After Effects, Animate, or any similar tool.

Motion Graphics can be shapes, designs, or even letters. For example, a Lower-thirds or text overlays on video is motion graphics. Motion Graphics can also be used to add motion to a given software. This is especially the case for videos that demonstrate the features of a SaaS product.

To reiterate:

· Motion Graphics is best described as a subset of animation.

· Motion Graphics acts as a great compliment to animation or live video.

· Motion Graphics is used all the time and you might not even notice it.

· 2D animation can be traditional or digital.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the difference between 2D animation and Motion graphics.

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