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How Sound Effects Make Animated Videos More Appealing

Sound Effects Make Animation, And Everything Else Better

There is no sound in space as there is nothing for the vibrations to travel through. Ironically the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, once said, “Sound is half the experience in seeing a film…” It would be hard to imagine a Star Wars movie without the sound of the iconic buzz of the swings of Lightsabers or the heavy, menacing breathing of Darth Vader. And as much as sound can elevate a movie or animation, bad sound or the lack thereof can dampen the engagement with the audience.

“See” It for Yourself

Below is a video created by the talented folks over at Motion Design School, with the beginning clip playing with no sound, and then playing again this time with sound effects we’ve added on top.

The animation looks great even when muted, but the sound effects really bring out the character and the impact of the video. And it doesn’t have to be 2D animated videos with action and characters, even motion graphics can benefit from sound effects as well.

The Power of Sound Effects

Sound Effects when used effectively can:

·        Attract previously unknown demographics

·        Captivate and leave a better impression on the viewer

·        Make your video look more professional

·       Give your Videos a higher shareability rate

The main goal for animated videos for business is to either spread brand awareness or to explain a product/service to an audience. Sometimes, both. And with the use of high-quality sound effects and industry standard software, we can create animations that grab viewers eyes and generates results.

Why Choose Optious for Motion Graphics Videos?

At Optious we have not only 2D animation experience, but we also work with 3D and motion graphics as well. Take a look at our recent demo reel to see what we’re all about:

Now you should have a better understanding of how exactly your SaaS app can be better explained with the use of motion graphics. This can not only help with B2B but also Business to Consumers as well.

Thank You!

If you need a sound effects for your project and don’t know where to start, or even an entire video from A-Z ; feel free to hit us up!

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