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How Motion Graphics Can Help Sell Your SaaS

Getting your SaaS product noticed in an ever-changing market can be a challenge. And producing a video that will effectively explain your app to customers is no easy task either. As a software developer these are some of the thoughts on your mind when releasing your software. So, what is a viable solution? And how can it fit your product’s specific needs?

What is an Explainer Video?

Not every business has one, so why should yours? Let’s put it this way:

When a potential customer comes to your website, how often do they leave knowing what your SaaS Product is and how it will benefit them?

That’s where an animated explainer video comes in. Explainer videos are short animations that can easily explain and visualize complex topics to your audience. With explainer videos you can show your customers all the reasons why they should use your software. By mixing information with storytelling you get a better connection with the customer whether it’s B2B, B2C, or both.

The Power of Motion Graphics

Animated videos have been shown to prove many different ideas and concepts with ease. And with the help of motion graphics, it’s never been easier to show your customers exactly how your software works. With the aid of motion graphics, videos can:

• Be played anytime, anywhere

• Have voiceovers to do the speaking for you

• Show more personality and branding through music and video

• Look more professional and organized

• Explain concepts easily through Animation

What are the benefits of an Explainer Video?

You can choose whether the video is a direct representation of your dashboard or a more abstract style to focus on the features behind your software. Captivate your audience with fluid animations and smooth transitions. And reinforce your message with clear VO and professionally crafted Sound Effects.

Take a look at our client explainer video and see for yourself:


Now you should have a better understanding of how exactly your SaaS app can be better explained with the use of motion graphics. This can not only help with B2B but also Business to Consumers as well. Go to our SaaS Page here!

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