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e-Learning Trains Your Employees Easily for Less

You might’ve heard some terms being thrown around recently.

E-learning. LMS. SCORM.

What does any of this mean?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.


This one’s actually simple.

You know about the mail.

And you definitely use e-mail.

And that’s what e-learning is, learning on the internet.

Whether that be through webinars, training courses, or even how-to videos on Youtube.

Why Videos?

LMS, or Learning Management System, is the application that is used to deliver the training content.

And e-learning doesn’t necessarily mean just videos, however it’s been shown that videos are the dominant source of learning.

In addition, there are advantages that training videos afford when compared to their in-person counterparts:

-Any missed information can easily be replayed
-Technical Concepts can be explained better with visuals
-Videos can be played anytime, anywhere
-Cuts the cost of travel, setup, and training materials
-Viewership is easily scaleable
-Results can be easily measured as far as effectiveness an progress

Why Optious?

At Optious we have not only 2D animation experience, but we also work with 3D and motion graphics as well. Take a look at some of our e-Learning videos below:

What’s Next? 

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