Filming Upcoming Video

Here at Optious we are busy filming our new project for marketing our services. We are doing interviewing, tons of b-roll, and some cinematic scenes.

From planning to staging and everything in between, we are checking all the boxes to get the work done. This also allows us to be FREE creatively with our projects so we can shine in different ways we might not be able to do with client projects.

Pulling out the Ronin S to get those dreamy shots. Tristen’s setting up the camera do get it balanced with 35mm Rokonin Cenema lens.

Checking out the composition and making sure skin tones are perfect before shooting.

Behind the scenes action with dialing in the skin tones in False Color mode via the Atomos monitor.

We always bettering our best here at HQ and we will do the exact same thing for your project too. Whether it’s an idea at the moment or something you already put pencil to paper on and ready to get something done, we are your power house ready to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Contact us directly here and we can setup a zoom meeting at your convenience.

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