2D Animation, 3D, Motion Graphics

What We’ve Been Doing For The Past 12 Months

Year over year Optious strives to outdo their earlier work, and the last 12 months were no exception. Everything from Motion Graphics to 2D & 3D Animation. It’s almost cliché to say that we pulled out all the stops in (current year) demo reel at this point. So instead, we say, enjoy. Wow that was a great video, wasn’t it? We took just a few of...

Blue Inception

How do you take an idea and make it exciting? That's a question we always get when working on projects for SaaS companies of all sizes. When not bound by a brand guide or pre-conceived ideas, we wondered what we would create if we were given carte blanche. Thus, the idea to do something we...

3D Crypto App WIP

We are working on an experimental app UI internal project. We are still fine tuning some of the scenes, but we've made tremendous progress. Off we went: By utilizing Cinema4D more we're able to create higher-quality models and animations. This along with Redshift helps us to make our own custom assets such as the coins...

3D Shape Evolution

What started as a small motion graphics proof of concept eventually blossomed into a visual showcase. Originally the idea was to produce a simple animation with an effect called roughen edges. After taking a step back (which really helps every once in a while) we wanted to see what we can do creatively to advance...

A Stock Footage Explainer Video, What’s That?

As filming live footage has become harder to do as of in recent times. A great way to reach customers about your product, service, or brand is with a Stock Footage explainer video. In other words, an Explainer Videos with Stock Footage and 2D Motion Graphics But why exactly? Why is “Stock” Footage a great...

Employee Appreciation Post

We would like to take the time to properly thank our employees here at Optious. This award goes out to Maki in our HR department, we appreciate all of her hard work and we don't know where we would be at today without it. Click on the button below or call us anytime at 909-581-9746...