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Optious Wins Big At The 2023 Muse Creative Awards!

Optious Wins Big At the 2023 Muse Creative Awards Sunny California – Optious has once again raised the bar in the realm of video production by clinching the coveted 2023 Muse Creative Awards Platinum Award. The award, falling within the Video - Animation category, lauds the agency’s prowess in crafting captivating visual narratives that deeply...
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Top 10 Ultimate Inspirational Kinetic Typography Videos

Top 10 Ultimate Inspirational Kinetic Typography Videos The only marriage of two elements coming even close to touching peanut butter and jelly: typography and motion. Who knew that all you needed to engage the viewer was just to animate the on-screen text? Ok, admittedly it’s not that easy to come up with ideas. Which is...
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Apple’s Secret Weapon- Kinetic Typography

We’re in 2027, and Apple has just revealed the brand-new iPhone 18. With this new model, VR capability, a brainwave reader, and whatever other cutting-edge technology they’ve crammed into the 3,000-dollar device. Yes, a couple of nerds will be going up on stage to talk about these new technological advances, but not everybody will be...