Sonar- Unsung Heroes SaaS

Motion Graphics Sonar- Unsung Heroes Project Overview The idea for this video was to produce a captivating video that will bring attention, Position Sonar as a market leader, and leverage brand elements. We knew that the main character was text, so we outlined a set of rules for the text to follow. We wanted the...

Streamlit Sharing- SaaS Director’s Cut

Motion Graphics Introducing Streamlit Sharing Project Overview When Streamlit approached us, they wanted a simple video to illustrate how easy it is to share apps with their product. The project went without a hitch and was done with the use of simple animation and smooth transitions.

Analytics for VR/AR SaaS – Cognitive3D

Motion Graphics Analytics for VR/AR- Cognitive3D Project Overview Cognitive3D didn't want another vanilla corporate video, but an exciting and engaging video for future prospects to watch.   For the beginning portion we went through several concepts before we landed on a solid idea that we knew conveyed the sentiments from the script perfectly.   They had a...

Excel With Tacklebox SaaS

Motion Graphics Excel With Tacklebox Project Overview When we first saw what the Tacklebox software could do, we couldn’t wait to give it the explainer video it deserves! One important goal for the project was to make sure we highlighted all the smart features of the SaaS software for Excel. We breathed life in to...

Your Perfect Dose Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Your Perfect Dose Motion Graphics Project Overview For this app UI, we were given a Vector Layout Ai file. We would then take this vector file and imported them into after effects. We had two main goals for the animation: 1) For the animation to represent how a person would use it. And...