Candid SaaS Promo

Project Overview For Candid's next video, they said they wanted a "punchy and attention-grabbing ad" to increase traffic clicks to their site. Their initial idea was to use text timed with music based on a past video they made. Yet, Candid wasn't sure how to develop a direction with that video style into an eye-catching...

Guidestar Financials SaaS Motion Graphics

Project Overview We were once again approached by Candid to create another SaaS video for their GuideStar Software. They wanted a Walkthrough video to help demonstrate some of their tools and UI in action.

Blue Inception

Motion Graphics Blue Inception Personal Project Blue Inception How do you take an idea and make it exciting? That's a question we always get when working on projects for SaaS companies of all sizes. When not bound by a brand guide or pre-conceived ideas, we wondered what we would create if we were given carte...

Optious Crescendo

Motion Graphics Optious Crescendo Project Overview Create the kind of work you want to work on. So we did!🚀 The team really flexed their creative muscles to create a project they can go ham on.🐖 We know we wanted to use a lot more 3D in this video along with mixing those elements with 2D...

Guidestar SaaS Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Guidestar SaaS Motion Graphics Project Overview We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on SaaS video number two for Candid. The Candid team knew exactly what they wanted and we just tried to add a little salt and pepper where ever we could. Overall we think it's a nice balance between...