VR Game Dev Analytics – Cognitive3D

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Google Changemakers Collective Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Google Changemakers Collective Optious has had the pleasure of working alongside United Talent Agency (UTA) to create these beautiful motion graphics for Google. Like the Changemakers Collective, we wanted to create an engaging, slick, motion graphics driven sizzle reel. This director's cut is the culmination of the entire team's efforts. Similar Projects Watch Video...

More Time For You with BlueCoin Crypto App

Personal Project More Time For You with BlueCoin Crypto App Looking back at our previous endeavors, our videos are packed with animation but not too many characters or complex visuals. Starting from scratch with all the knowledge and experience we gathered, we set out to make the best 2D character-based animation to date. The raison...

Blue Inception

Motion Graphics Blue Inception Personal Project Blue Inception How do you take an idea and make it exciting? That's a question we always get when working on projects for SaaS companies of all sizes. When not bound by a brand guide or pre-conceived ideas, we wondered what we would create if we were given carte...