Motion Graphics

Fillyloo Forest | A Race to Friendship

  • Project Overview

Optious is proud to present our latest animated kids video. Say hello to Boxo, Gyro, Dozer, and Nacho as they learn valuable life lessons. 🤝

It all started with the character designs. We did many iterations till we found the right balance in color, shape, and size. Once we had the designs complete we moved to the naming phase for the characters. We gave each character unique names that would represent something special about them. 🌟

From there we went to work voicing each one of the characters in the video. It was another cool challenge we never done before. Usually we would hire a VO, but we took the challenge and had fun doing something new. 🔉

It was fun to get away from the traditional animated video we normally produce and to create something akin to the Saturday morning cartoons we all used to watch when we were little