Motion Graphics

Prospect Tennis Recruiting

  • Project Overview

Prospect Tennis is a startup that reached out to us to develop an explainer video for a tennis recruiting app they were producing.

Since the UI was still not finalized, we created a UI that representing the features the app will ultimately have. We referenced our past projects and looking at good app design came up with the best possibilities of what the app could look like.

This will give the viewer a sense of what features and functions the app will provide for both the tennis player and the coach.

One thing that they wanted us to make sure to have from the start of the video was to have animation capture the attention of the viewer.

We figured one way to make that happen was to have a cool transition with a 3D tennis racket. Originally, we were going to have it be a tennis ball. The tennis racket ended up being a better option since we can have it swing in and out of frame and being able to see through the cross hatches during the transition was a bonus for us.

Overall, it was a great experience working on this project and looking forward to working with the client again.
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