Initial D Kinetic Text Experiment

2D Animation Initial D Kinetic Text Experiment Project Overview What started out as a simple kinetic typography project, exploded into something more. We are really big fans of Initial D and Cars in general, so we decided to use all of our experience so far into making this passion project.

Cape Analytics Motion Graphics

Project Overview Tracking footage with changing perspective doesn't always workout, but we managed to combine tracking along with our signature animations. How do you think it came out?

Candid SaaS Promo

Project Overview For Candid's next video, they said they wanted a "punchy and attention-grabbing ad" to increase traffic clicks to their site. Their initial idea was to use text timed with music based on a past video they made. Yet, Candid wasn't sure how to develop a direction with that video style into an eye-catching...

Guidestar Financials SaaS Motion Graphics

Project Overview We were once again approached by Candid to create another SaaS video for their GuideStar Software. They wanted a Walkthrough video to help demonstrate some of their tools and UI in action.

Optious Demo Reel 2022

Personal Project Optious Demo Reel 2022 Wow that was a great video, wasn’t it? We took just a few of our standout moments to compile into a stylish sizzle reel. It wasn’t just slapped together. We took the upmost care and detail even when choosing the background music! And when the stock sound effects in...

Google Changemakers Collective Motion Graphics

Personal Project Google Changemakers Optious has had the pleasure of working alongside United Talent Agency (UTA) to create these beautiful motion graphics for Google. Like the Changemakers Collective, we wanted to create an engaging, slick, motion graphics driven sizzle reel. This director's cut is the culmination of the entire team's efforts. Similar Projects Watch Video Blue...