Google Changemakers Collective Motion Graphics

Personal Project Google Changemakers Optious has had the pleasure of working alongside United Talent Agency (UTA) to create these beautiful motion graphics for Google. Like the Changemakers Collective, we wanted to create an engaging, slick, motion graphics driven sizzle reel. This director's cut is the culmination of the entire team's efforts. Similar Projects Watch Video Blue...

Optious Kinetic Text Experiments Vol.1

Project Overview I like to give the team challenges to help them explore, create, and animate beyond the proverbial box. We chose to build in two different mediums, 3D and 2D. Each animator was tasked with creating experimental kinetic text ideas that would be reasonably quick to produce, could be done by the next day,...

What We Do

Project Overview Slick kinetic typography complimented by 3D motion graphics animation along with nonstop cuts of stock footage. You've never seen anything like this before.

CLEANMOOD Motion Graphics

Project Overview We took care of everything from storyboarding and animating to finding stock footage and Voiceover Talent. Our client gave us ideas for what they wanted the most and we funneled that into our Creativity-O-Matic in the way that we know best. And with these in mind, we proceeded to craft the visuals in...