Saving Humpty Dumpty

Motion Graphics Saving Humpty Dumpty Project Overview When deciding what to do for our next project, we settled upon making an animation about a nursery rhyme. But the catch was that we did our own little spin on it. What if someone was there all along, reaching out a helping hand when Humpty needed it...

Chasing Possible

t 2D Animation Chasing Possible Project Overview It all started with an idea back in January 2020. Our goal was to create a video that will allow the team to “go all out” in production. The project would get shelved from time to time to focus on client projects. Eight months later, after countless working,...

Magnum Range 3D Intro

Motion Graphics Magnum Range Project Overview We were approached by Magnum Range to produce an intro video inspired by Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® reveal trailer. We knew we needed to hit three goals from the client’s needs on this project: first, a high production level of the audio design, background music, and SFX. Second,...

Omnia Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Omnia Motion Graphics Project Overview For this motion graphics video, we've partnered with Omnia to show how they can help businesses with the employee hiring and development process. This was an great project to work alongside Omnia with!

CSLI Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics CSLI Motion Graphics Project Overview Another motion graphics video, this time for the Center for Scientific Leadership & Innovation. Instead of having another boring Power Point Presentation, CSLI preferred to go the video route. And we wouldn't want it any other way. Although we had a tight deadline for this motion graphics project,...

Hertz-Donlen 2D Animation

2D Animation Hertz-Donlen 2D Animation Explainer Video Project Overview Hertz-Donlen reached out to us with a request for a video that explained how easy their fleet management app is to use. They wanted the main focus to be the dashboard, all while using brand colors. Along with our signature visual style, we added custom transitions...