Your Partner for Animation & Motion Graphics

We’re going to focus on helping with the beginning of the project to get it up and running. We will provide services for the pre-production phase of any project.

Using both in-house expertise and collaboration with other creatives, Optious can guide you onto the right path.

Book a quick 15 minute Meeting and see just how Optious can help you.


  • Video Length- Many clients come to us with unnecessarily long video length requirements that will both impact the budget and the attention of the audience.
  • Soft script- Help with pointing the script in the right direction.
  • Storyboards- Coming up with ideas for storyboards.
  • Moodboards- Ditto


  • Look- Should the video be abstract or literal? 2D or 3D, or both? Will the video be SaaS or an Explainer?
  • Character Design- With our connections to experienced outside designers, we’ll help find the right type of characters for your videos.
  • Live Video- Helping with Video Streaming/ Greenscreen


  • VO- We’re good at finding the right voice to match your video’s tone.
  • Audio- We have experience in finding the right soundscapes for your video and composers for custom music.


  • Ad Consulting- What dimensions does the Ad/Video need to be in. What platforms will the Ads be used in. Will the Ad have Voice over or not?
  • Discovery – Audience, Competition
  • Focus Groups- Testing Services and Market Analysis